SOFA (Simple 
                  Ontology Framework API)

SOFA (Simple Ontology Framework API) is an open source project aimed for development of an integral software infrastructure and a common development platform for various ontology-oriented and ontology-based software applications. Our vision of that platform is a reusable API layer which provides an unified, abstract, language-independent Ontology Object Model and integrates common ontology management tasks.

SOFA is simple. The SOFA Ontology Model is a result of highly abstract vision of ontology engineering domain and it is independent of a particular ontology representation form, storage technologies, transmission protocols and other factors. It allows to develop flexible, easily configurable and extensible ontology software and effectively reduces the time and cost of development.

SOFA is very flexible. SOFA has separate implementation layers for inferencing procedures, storage utilities and external representations of the Ontology Model. Everyone can develop his own implementation of an ontology storage or a specific language support and easily integrate it with SOFA and SOFA-based applications.

SOFA is Open Source. It is available in sourcecode form under the terms of Lesser GNU Public License (LGPL) and doesn't rely on any proprietary solutions. The project is always open for voluntary contributions.

SOFA is crossplatform. It is written with 100% pure Java and contains no platform-specific elements.

To learn more about SOFA, please refer to the SOFA Overview and Documentation section on this site.

If you want to know more about the SOFA development process, please refer to the Development page.


March 09, 2005
SOFA 0.3 released (note that release numbering is changed since this version).

Jan 27, 2005
The SOFA project has been moved from and got new home on SemWebCentral. SOFA 1.0a-20050127 released.

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