SOFA (Simple                   Ontology Framework API)


The SOFA project is a part of the SemWebCentral projects family. SemWebCentral is an Open Source development web site for the Semantic Web, providing a free, centralized place for Open Source developers to manage Semantic Web software and content development.

The SOFA development is an open process. We always glad to meet new developers, testers, technical writers and other people and organizations who interested in the project development and wish to contribute into it.

Getting involved

The first step if you are going to get involved is to subscribe to SOFA mailing list. This does not require any registration except for submitting your e-mail address. As a mailing list member you can make a good direct contribution like as proposing ideas and new features, reporting bugs, submitting patches, bug-fixes, resources, etc.

Further participation may require your registration and getting the SemWebCentral user's account. For any questions regarding project participation, please contact the project administrator.

CVS access

Everyone can get anonymous read-only access to CVS repository and checkout source code from SemWebCentral CVS server. To do so, simply use the following CVS commands:

cvs login 
CVS password: (hit enter at the password prompt)
cvs -z3 co sofa        

To get the commit access to CVS repository you need to be registered as a member of the SOFA project. Please contact the project administrator to get these permissions. Note that you should be registered as a SemWebCentral user and provide your login name to administrator.


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